Apparel Design

From "Hystéra", Greek word meaning uterus. Freud theorized that this disease assigned to women came from an emotion of anger, disgust, or unresolved conflict.

Since the 20th century, the idea that it was a "disease of the uterus" began to be discarded, and then it was reclassified within the group of neuroses. However, today, when women dare to rebel, stand up, and fight against our oppression, we are still classified as "hysterical".

This project was designed for the brand Histérica, created by LGBT and feminist influencers Devermut.

︎︎︎The Spanish expression "Con dos cojones" translates "With two balls" Balls meaning Nuts or Testicles. As in other words, "Show them you got Balls" or "No Balls No Glory". This expression is completely misogynist. So I decided to gave it a twist and change it to: "Con dos ovarios", which translates to "With two ovaries". Until now, the expression "With two balls" has always been used to describe bravery, strength, and courage. People without nuts or testicles were, therefore, automatically relegated to weakness and passivity. We want to incorporate "With two ovaries" in our repertoire of habitual expressions.